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4 Month Algaecide

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote

  • Prevents all types of algae
  • Fast acting, long lasting treatment
  • Non-foaming
  • No waiting, swim immediately
Keep your pool clean and algae-free!

Say goodbye to your algae problems with Shiner’s Algae Control. Designed to both kill existing algae as well as prevent future algae and slime, Shiner’s Algae Control’s powerful formula turns your pool from green to clean in no time! What makes Shiner’s Algae Control our most popular algaecide and the most effective algaecide on the market?

  • Powerful Algae-Fighting FormulaWith a concentrated formula and an active ingredient of 60% algae fighter, Shiner’s Algae Control is the strongest algaecide you can buy. A few ounces goes a long way, saving you time and money!
  • Prevents Future Algae OutbreaksNot only will it kill all types of existing algae in your pool, but Shiner’s Algae Control works to keep those nasty algae blooms out of your pool all year long.
  • Great For Opening and Closing PoolA dose of Shiner’s Algae Control before winter closing keeps any blooms out while not in use, and a few ounces during spring opening leaves your pool sparkling clear for swimming season.
  • Won’t Stain or Foam
Shiner’s Algae Control is non-metallic, so it won’t stain your pool or fixtures. It is also made from a non-foaming, low odor formula for total ease of use.

Even the most careful and diligent pool owners can get algae from time to time. Often times, algae can creep up around steps and ladders; places that naturally receive poor circulation of chlorine. Maintaining a constant level of chlorine and weekly shocking might not be enough to completely rid your pool of algae, you may need a powerful algaecide. Shiner’s Algae Control is the strongest non-metallic algae fighter on the market, and perfect for eliminating those tough algae spots.

Made of 60% active ingredient, liquid polyquat, Shiner’s Algae Control destroys all known types of pool algae, including pink algae. This powerful formula is designed to work quickly and effectively, and all you need is a few ounces a week to maintain a clear and sparkling pool. Shiner’s Algae Control is also gentle on swimmers and pool surfaces. It does not cause eye or skin irritation, works great in vinyl, plaster, fiberglass, and tile pools, and can even be used in spas and outdoor fountains!

Weekly Enzyme

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote

  • Destroys oil, oil scum and scum lines
  • All natural formula is safe to use and environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces

Shiner’s Weekly Enzyme uses the power of natural enzymes to eliminate oils, lotions, and other organic compounds from your pool, giving you crystal clear water quality that swimmers will love. Its powerful liquid formula can be added directly to water, cleaning the pool filter of any contaminants which lead to clogging and inefficiency, making your water clean, clear, and most importantly, healthy. Shiner’s Weekly Enzyme is made in the USA to ensure quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Phosphate Remover 9000

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote

  • Eco-friendly pool chemical
  • Pool Perfect and PHOSfree blend
  • Prevents staining, oils, and phosphate build-up
  • Maintains phosphate levels
  • Weekly dosage will improve water quality
  • Reduces weekly pool maintenance
  • Non-toxic solution

Shiner’s Phosphate 9000 is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste in pool water. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems such as; waterline rings, non-living organic staining, surface oils and phosphate build-up.

Clear Clarifier

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote


  • All natural chitosan based clarifier made from recycled crab shells
  • Non-toxic and environmentally sustainable
  • Clears cloudy water quickly
  • Compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces

Shiner’s Clear Clarifier is an exciting, proven and improved concept in pool water clarification aids. It may be applied whenever turbidity (cloudy) problems occur. Usually one treatment is sufficient to produce outstanding clarity and brilliance to pool water.


Citric Stain Remover

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote


  • All natural, citric acid formula
  • Removes tannins, copper, iron, and manganese stains
  • Phosphate-free
  • Compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces

Shiner’s Citric Stain Remover is a weak acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits. This acid is more environmentally friendly than most and acts as a cleaning agent for swimming pools. Citric acid removes the stained area of a pool when applied by eating away the top layer of the pool’s surface. It does not harm a pool to have such a thin layer removed, it simply clears away the stain. Citric acid is a gentler stain remover than muriatic acid, another form of acid used to remove stains and resurface swimming pool interiors.

3 Inch Chlorine Tabs

50lb, 55lb, 100lb


  • Ideal for use with floaters, feeders or skimmersbromine-tabs
  • Stabilized to help prevent UV degradation from sun light

Chlorine tablets are one of the key chemicals to maintaining your pool water, and 3 inch chlorine tablets are the most popular among long-time pool owners. They are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, allowing them to dissolve slower and protect your pool water for longer. They are also the ideal size for floaters, skimmers, or automatic feeders and are individually wrapped for your convenience. Tablets contain powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine, 99% Trichlor-S-Triazinetrione. Dosage: approximately 1-2 tabs per 10,000 gallons of water per week.

Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%)

quarts 1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote


  • After heavy swimmer load
  • After strong rains and winds
  • During periods of extreme sun
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Signs of algae growth appear
  • Water appears dull, hazy, or cloudy

Shock treating your pool weekly is important because it protects you and your family from bacteria and organic contaminants. Super chlorination or shock treating removes chloramines, which cause eye irritation and “chlorine” odors from the pool water by adding free available chlorine (FAC).

We suggest shocking at the same time and day each week. Sundown is the best time to shock your pool because the chlorine can work without fighting the sun’s UV rays. Shocking after sundown also gives chlorine more time to restore water clarity. In some cases, you may need to shock more than once a week.


2lb,5lb, 10lb,25lb,50lb,55lb



  • Initial Treatment: 4 oz per 10,000 gallons4881-a-sq_1
  • Average Daily Dose: 2-3 oz per 10,000 gallons to maintain 1-3pp
  • Algae Treatment, Light Growth: 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
  • Algae Treatment, Medium to Heavy Growth: 2 lb per 10,000 gallons
  • Super Chlorination: Pre-dissolve 1 lb and pour into deep end of pool

Dichlor is a powerful pool shock that quickly takes care of any bacteria, algae, or contaminants due to it’s quick dissolving properties. Shocking your pool or spa regularly is necessary to keep your pool free of any unwanted contaminants. This helps your chlorine work better and more efficiently. Power Powder Granular is made of powerful calcium hypochlorite and has 65% available chlorine (68% total chlorine) which leaves your pool clear, clean, and ready to use.

Shocking your pool and spa restores chlorine levels and frees up Combined Available Chlorine. Power Powder Granular Pool Shock is the quick choice for many pool owners and professionals due to its strong blend and ease of use.

Algae Kill

2lb,5lb, 10lb,25lb,50lb,55lb



  • Requires no brushing4881-a-sq_1
  • Cleans mustard, green, brown, or pink algae
  • Designed to work with all types of chlorine
  • Enhances the ability of chlorine to kill algae
  • Natural and non-toxic


Algae Kill will kill and protect against green, mustard and black algae. This non-foaming formula is suitable for all pool surfaces and works in as little as 24 hours.



Dry Acid

25lb,50lb,55lb bags




  • Dry acid or Sodium bisulfate in granular form4881-a-sq_1
  • Safer than muriatic acid
  • Quickly dissolves
  • Keeps pH levels balanced
  • Prevents excess calcium buildup

Dry Acid (Sodium bisulfate) is a granular form of acid and is used to lower the pH, to maintain balanced water and total alkalinity in pools and spas. This form of acid is safer and less caustic than muriatic acid and will not spill or splash so it is safer and easier to use. This product is easier to store but it also must be used with care.










  • 4881-a-sq_1100% cyanuric acid
  • Protects chlorine from UV Rays
  • Reduces the cost of chlorine

The sun’s UV rays can destroy 90 percent of the chlorine added to the pool water in just 2 hours. Shiner’s Conditioner extends the life of chlorine 8-10 times longer by protecting chlorine from this UV loss. Shiner’s Conditioner allows the chlorine to stay in the water longer, reducing the cost of chlorination.




Soda Ash

25lb,50lb,55lb,100lb bags






  • Granular soda ash41UdbKkNhwL._AA160_
  • Raises pH levels
  • Quick dissolving
  • Prevents damage to pool and irritation for swimmers

Need to raise your pool’s pH or Total Alkalinity levels? Shiner’s Soda Ash is a quick and effective way to do both! Low levels of pH and Total Alkalinity can be dangerous for your pool and for swimmers. Shiner’s Soda Ash, which is made of 100% sodium carbonate, is the easiest way to balance pH and Total Alkalinity, and make your pool a safe and clean environment for everyone!






Potassium Monopersulfate

55lb 100lb bags







  • Non-Chlorine oxidizer41UdbKkNhwL._AA160_
  • Can be used with chlorinated or brominated spas
  • Does not raise chlorine residual
  • Quick dissolving shock treatment.
  • Destroys organic contaminants

When people use spas, they leave undesirable compounds like body oil, perspiration and cosmetics that can irritate skin, burn eyes and create odors. Oxidizing, also known as shocking the water, removes these compounds and restores water clarity and comfort. An oxidizer should be used weekly in most residential spas and more frequently in heavily-used or commercial spas







Aqua Ammonia Industrial Grade

1 gl,2.5gl,5gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote







  • Specialty chemical

Ammonia solution, also known as ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or simply ammonia, is a solution of ammonia in water. It can be denoted by the symbols NH3(aq). Although the name ammonium hydroxide suggests an alkali with composition [NH4+][OH−], it is actually impossible to isolate samples of NH4OH, as these ions do not comprise a significant fraction of the total amount of ammonia except in extremely dilute solutions.

Muriatic Acid

1 gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote







  • Safer formula with less fumes
  • With no mixing our products is ready-to-use
  • Lowers pool water pH

Muriatic Acid is a strong, corrosive, inorganic acid (HCl), manufactured by absorbing hydrogen chloride in water. It is one of the most corrosive of acids, and is particularly destructive to cellulose, breaking the cellulose chain into even smaller units, resulting ultimately in its complete hydrolysis. It is the same chemical as Hydrochloric Acid.


1 gl,15gl,55gl and 275-330 tote







  • Stops odors by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide

  • Reduces collection system and plant corrosion

  • Provides a highly efficient non-carbonate buffered (<10 pH) source of sustainable alkalinity and pH for plant nitrification and BNR processes

  • Enhances plant clarification and dewatering

THIOGUARD TST (Total System Treatment) is a non-hazardous, non-pharmeceutical alkaline slurry for use in the treatment of municipal water and wastewater. Magnesium hydroxide is most recognized as “milk of magnesia,” a safe treatment for acid stomach. The technology is simple. Addition of relatively small amounts of THIOGUARD added upstream directly to municipal wastewater collections systems and/or wastewater treatment plants: